Why does my pet’s breath smell so bad, and what can I do about it?

There are multiple reasons for foul breath. Reasons can include serious medical problems, such as kidney failure or diabetes, or can be as simple as eating something smelly. Remember, our furry friends don’t brush and floss!By far, the most common reason for bad breath is due to plaque, tartar and decay of teeth and gums. If your pet consistently has bad breath, a visit to your veterinarian is due. Dental plaque and tarter removal is accomplished by placing your pet under anesthesia, the plaque is then scaled off, both on the tooth surface and under the gums. Next, the teeth are polished, and many clinics apply fluoride.

Once your pet’s oral health has been restored, you can help maintain their clean teeth. Brushing is still the best method. Use soft-bristled brushes or finger-brushes and toothpaste made for pets. Children’s toothpaste can be used, but don’t use adult paste, as pets don’t spit! If your pet won’t stand for brushing, there are many other products that help reduce the build-up of plaque; rinses, chew-bones and even special foods that can help.

For more information, please visit our web-site: GTVets.com

Don Schmidt, DVM

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