Thanksgiving Tips for Pets

Don’t offer raw or undercooked turkey, which may contain salmonella bacteria.

Sage and many other herbs contain essential oils and resins that can cause gastrointestinal upset and central nervous system depression to pets if eaten in large quantities. Cats are especially sensitive to the effects of certain essential oils.

No Dough
Don’t feed your pet raw bread dough. When raw bread dough is ingested, an animal’s body heat causes the dough to rise in his stomach. As it expands, the pet may have vomiting, abdominal pain and bloating, which could become a life-threatening emergency, requiring surgery.

Be sure your pets keep their noses out of any batter, especially if it includes raw eggs. The eggs could contain salmonella bacteria that may lead to food poisoning.

 While you and your family are feasting, give your cat and dog their own little feast.    Offer them made-for-pet chew bones or pet treats. NO TURKEY BONES! You can also stuff their usual dinner—perhaps with sweet potato or green beans—inside a Kong toy. They’ll be happily occupied for awhile, working hard to extract their dinner from the toy. Just remember, it is best to keep pets on their regular diets even during the holidays.

From the Veterinarians of Arrow Springs Animal Hospital 918-455-7107

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