Dental Month

February is National Pet Dental Month!

Receive 10% off of your pet’s dental cleaning in February!

 Every FEBRUARY is Dental Health Month at Arrow Springs Animal Hospital.

Your pet’s teeth are very important to their overall health. If we noted during your visit the need for your pet to have a dental cleaning and polishing then keep reading!

 Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats. Over 68% of all pets over the age of three have some form of periodontal or dental disease, making it by far the most common canine disease.

 *Pets need to have their teeth cleaned? Can’t I just brush his teeth?

-Brushing your pet’s teeth is a great way to prevent dental disease. However, when a pet has signs of dental disease such as red or inflammed gums, bad breath, tartar, or even loose teeth, your pet needs a dental.

*Yuck! My pet’s teeth look like the dog in the picture below, maybe even worse! What should I do?

-No worries. Your pet’s tartar can be removed with a professional scaling and polishing under anesthesia. Your pet’s teeth will then be polished and fluoride will be applied. Some pets may also need to have tooth extractions and/or antibiotics. 

*I have an older pet. Is it ok to have her under anesthesia?

-Your pet will have an exam by one of our doctors prior to their dental. Your pet will also have blood work performed to check cell counts and internal organs. If any concerns are noted, one of the doctors will call you. Your pet will be monitored throughout the procedure and until he or she goes home.

*My pet has a healthy smile again! Now what?

-You will pick-up your pet in the afternoon and be greeted by your pet’s fresh breath! We will give you instructions on how to brush your pet’s teeth. Do not use human dentifrice or toothpaste. You can begin giving special canine toys as well as feeding the newer dental diets and dental treats to help reduce tartar build up.

      Facebook 005  Before Dental

      Facebook 006   After Dental

 Please call us at 918-455-7107 to make an appointment.  We perform dentals Monday-Friday mornings. Drop-offs start at 7:30a.m. We look forward to seeing you soon.


 Randal Burris, DVM,    Don Schmidt, DVM

P.S. Want more info? Visit our website at to see a short dental care video.

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